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A Complete List of the Forum Rules

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A Complete List of the Forum Rules

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 29, 2017 8:53 pm

Fourm Rules
*always subject to change*

Language Rules:
-Respect everyone!
-No excessive swearing; never directed at another member.
-No talks of politics, religion, sexuality or racism {jokes included}.
-No threats of any kind.

General Rules:
-No discussion of real world illegal activities; this includes the use of illegal drugs, or hacking and infecting computers.
-Only make one forum account.
-Do not impersonate Staff members or forum mods.
-Do not encourage other members to break rules.
-No scamming or giving false information.

Content Posted:
-No spamming {repetitive posting}.
-No offensive content {race/gender, derogatory, pornographic, etc.}.
-Don't post links to sites with viruses, malicious software, or offensive content.
-Act Mature in all that you post.

Failure to follow any and all rules could result in kick, ban, or perm-ban from the site. You may have one warning depending on the action.

Have fun while using our site!
~Faceless People Staff

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