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When Reporting Rulebreakers Please Read Here First!

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When Reporting Rulebreakers Please Read Here First!

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 29, 2017 9:03 pm

In order for us to review the rulebreakers actions please post with the following information only:

-Mention the name in the topic title.
-Report a clear post, describing the rulebreakers wrong doings and where said activity occurred.
-Add a link to the user's profile.
-Provide evidence of the rule breaking.
-Do not double post, if you are reporting on someone who already has a topic about them, just reply to that instead of adding additional topics on one rulebreaker.

Without evidence, we can not take action for what is happening. Please provide evidence and allow us time to resolve the issue.

Thank you in advance,
~Faceless People Staff

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