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Full List of September Events!

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Full List of September Events!

Post by Admin on Mon Sep 04, 2017 12:50 am

Full List of September Events!
Events, Meetings and Competitions

Times are always to be determined and subject to change. Every Tuesday a survey will be sent out via discord to decide the current weeks clan events.

Saturday 9th - GWD
5:00pm Central US Timezone! Which GWD and which boss will be determined based upon who all will be attending.

Monday - Every Monday Capping
Capping Event Every Monday! 8:00pm Central US Timezone!

Tuesday 12th - Agility
Clan skilling event! 9:00pm Central Us Timezone! Course will be determined based upon who all will be attending.

Wednesday 13th - Burthorpe Games Room
4:30pm Central Us Timezone! For some good old fashioned clan fun!

Thursday 14th - Hangout-Fishing
7:00pm Central Us Timezone! We will get together and hang out and fish at Catherby for a chance to get to know more of our members hopefully!

September 15th-18th - Double Xp Weekend
Go get them Gainz! Smile

Wednesday 20th - Pest Control
2:00pm Central US Timezone!

Friday 22nd - Group Questing
We will venture out and help each other complete our quests! 7:00pm Central US Timezone!

Tuesday 26th - Achievement Hunting
5:30pm Central US Timezone! Help each other complete achievements or simply converse while completing a few of yours!

Thursday 28th - Clan Treasure Hunt
6:30pm Central US Timezone! We will hide one or two treasure chests from Carnillean Rising in a controlled area and have a clan treasure hunt!

Saturday 30th - Runespan and Clan Lotto Winner Announced
5:30pm Central Us Timezone!
Monthly Clan Lotto Winner will be announced 8:00pm Central US Time!

Sunday 1st - Council Meeting & Small Council Meeting
6:30pm Central - Admin+ Only -> Small Council
7:45pm Central - Recruit - Captain -> Council Meeting

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